How to Get the Most Mileage from Your Mobile Site


Mobile marketing is a massive part of the online world and it’s here to stay. As more and more people use smartphones, it’s increasingly important to integrate your offline business with these mobile devices. Your business needs to be taking advantage of this trend and here are several ways to do that.

Optimize for Mobile

Most offfline businesses tend to think only about getting online and forget about the way they’re seen on mobile devices. However, it’s important to understand that creating a mobile website doesn’t just make it easier for your customers; it’s essential. The type of websites meant for desktop computers aren’t easy to use on mobile devices. This means that your business needs its own mobile version of your site.

Mobile websites have a simpler layout with less text. More of your content needs to be ‘above the fold,’ meaning that users shouldn’t have to scroll or pan to find it. It’s hard to enter text into a mobile device, so keep it at a minimum. Design your site so that it is easy to navigate with fingers and thumbs instead of a mouse.

Create Mobile Landing Pages

Your desktop landing page isn’t going to work on a mobile. Just like your website, your landing page needs to be designed with mobile in mind. Loading time should be fast because mobile users have short attention spans and will click elsewhere. Any forms where they must enter information should be minimal (again, because entering text is difficult on a phone). Make use of special features like click to call, where they can simply touch a button and call you automatically.

Help Them Find You

People use their smartphones to find shops in their local area. Each smartphone is equipped with a GPS chip. This means that you can create an interactive map on your website that senses where the customers are and provides a map or directions for them. This makes it easier for them to find your store.

Mobile in Your Store

Studies show that half of all smartphone users shop online while they’re shopping in retail stores. They’re checking out product information and comparing prices. Many retail stores feel threatened by this, but it’s actually something to be embraced. It improves the shopping experience and gets your customers a better deal.

A great way to integrate the mobile web with your offline store is to install stations in your shop where they can get online. For instance, you can invest in tablets that they can use for comparison shopping.

Enhance the Shopping Experience with QR Codes

Another way to improve shopping in your offline store is to use QR codes. These are like bar codes but contain more information. When customers scan the code with their smartphones, it automatically directs them to a specific URL.

There are lots of ways you can use QR codes. For example, people can scan a code and instantly like or share your business on Facebook. You can offer special deals using QR codes or put the codes on items in your store so that when scanned, the items are added to an online wish list.

To use mobile effectively in your offline store, exploit the unique advantages that mobile offers. For example, use the built-in GPS capabilities and other functions. These are the reasons your customers love their smartphones and if you integrate these features well into the experience of shopping in your store, the customers will be more likely to spend time there.

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